The Physical Benefits

Main Training Effects of Regular Excercise: A Brief Summary

Stronger Heart Rate. The Heart beats more slowly when you are fitter. Each contraction of the heart muscle is more powerful so workloads on the heart are reduced. Your heart returns to its normal resting rate quicker, the fitter you are.

Reduced Blood Fats. i.e. Cholesterol levels are reduced with exercise. Veins increase in size reducing the risk of Atherosclerosis, heart attacks, thrombosis and strokes.

Strengthens Lung Tissue. Strengthens the diaphragm muscles allowing lungs more room to expand, increasing vital capacity.

Improved Oxygen Exchange. Resulting in a decline in the rate of breathing while resting.

Increased Bone Density, improves mobility, joints become less susceptible to arthritis, reduces risk of osteoporosis.

Improved Motor Skills (better reflexes), improvement in co-ordination and the senses, etc.

Improves Digestive System including the elimination process.

Helps in prevention of obesity ensuring longer life span and reduces premature ageing.

Improves circulation, makes arteries more pliable lowering and controlling elevated blood pressure. Improved circulation also helps prevent varicose veins.

Reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Increases the body's resistance to infections, colds and flu.

Reduces the adverse affects of alcohol and smoking.

Improves sleep.

Makes you feel better physically and mentally improves self confidence.

Improves body tone and figure. Look & feel more confident.

Makes healthy muscle tissue, raises metabolism, stimulates the fat burning process.

Source: Shapemaster